AutoCAD imports

I really want to see that Blender Team improves how Blender imports the AutoCAD files. I tried to import once and it did not show up on the scene. I tried to search some hints from few videos. But the only thing that i can see is to download draftsight app and get older version of blender and try to convert it from there to the newest version.

Did you try to import dwg or dxf files?
Save your file in dxf (not the latest, I think that dxf ascii ~2007/2013 should work, I don’t remember the exact year…).
If you don’t have AutoCad or similar you can use .
I’ve always used this method in the last few years and I’ve never had any problems.

Did it work?

The basic problem with AutoCad import/export is that the format is proprietary and the spec is whatever Autodesk decides it is for that day. Some attempts have been made to reverse-engineer the spec, but without a published specification, doing reliable imports & exports will continue to be difficult.

Hey guys thanks for the responses. I didnt know about that oda file converter but i guess that is a nice option. I just found out that i had some scale problems in my drawing so blender wouldnt able to see it as a file. Thanks for replies and help! :slight_smile:

Also does anyone know how to work in multiple documents in blender on MACOS? I could work in one single file all the time. Can not work in multiple files at the same time.

Blender is able to open and use a common dxf file: units in Blender are Meters while in AutoCad Millimeters.
So you have scale 0.001 to have your drawing properly in AutoCad.

You can’t open multiple files but you can open multiple blender in MacOs from terminal:
Even you can use multiple scenes.