Auto Vertical Tilt Correction

What I want to see in Blender is the option to turn on ‘Auto Vertical Tilt Correction’. From working in a professional Arch vis studio, this was a must-have feature.

Let me know what people think.

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This is what it looks like turned off.

The ‘workaround’ is rotate your camera in Y angle like this: image

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Ahhh yes, I have tried this but it is very unclean and fiddly. The auto button will keep the vertical lines perfectly straight no matter the rotation of the camera (within reason). Is there a place to submit a request like this to a developer?

You can do this in post, perspective correction

Unless that’s an animation but it would look weird in one I reckon, make you seasick

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@Thatsbutlins the key thing here is that the camera should always be at 90 degrees in Y axis, or parallel to the floor, and then you make the framing with the tilt value, that way you get the framing you want and it’s not weird.

I came from max to, and I suffered until I understood it :slight_smile:

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Small correction: this is not rotating the camera, it is shifting the (virtual) lens. It’s actually the same way architectural photos are taken with a real camera. If you think about it that way it’s quite easy to use.


Exactly, if you rotate a real camera with a tilt-shift lens you will also fe weird results :slight_smile:

Resurrecting the thread: does anyone knows where to find the math for this rotation/shifting/lens-angle relation? I’d like to make a script out of it

Looks like my question was stupid: Blender shift is an arbitrary -1 to 1 range, so …what math am I asking for?
I ended eyeballing it like so:

shift_Y = (90-degrees(cam.rotation_euler[0]))*-(
cam.rotation_euler[0] = 1.5708 += shift_Y

I think I nailed it, the horizon line remains in the same place