Auto Tiles option reversed in latest builds?

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like the Auto Tiles option currently works kind of reversed. For me (and IIRC until only days ago) this should, when checked, kind of estimate an optimal tile size for the scene. If unchecked, it shall use the one defined in the input box below.

However, currently it is reversed. See these two screenshots:

when Auto Tiles is unchecked, the user cannot enter a value. The scene at low resolution (i.e. HD) renders in one single chunk on my system

when it is checked, the user can enter a tile size, which is used when rendering

Was this change intentional? It kinda makes no sense to me from a users perspective IMHO

I believe this is intentional. The thing is that after Cycles X we were supposed to work with progressive refine most of the time. But later in the development they found out that in higher resolution rendering using progressive refine would still take a lot of memory. So they reintroduce tiled rendering just for memory optimization.
So it is intentional that this is kind of the switch for a tiles in general, Note that this is called auto tiles, not just size. I think the idea is that you would only need to use tiled rendering in high resolution rendering, so if you are rendering in 1k it’s not going to use tiles, it’s going to use progressive refine for the entire image

That’s not what I meant. I understand the intent. What i don’t get is: why can I set a tile size when auto is on?

Auto should mean automatic. Instead you currently have to check auto to be able to enter a tile size manually. That makes no sense.

Here is my point. It’s not “auto size” it is for tiles in general

It’s not like the previous addon which sets the size based on your hardware etc, this is different. It automatically use tiled render when necessary, which means it is not going to use tiles when not needed. This is what the “auto tiles” means here.