Auto-switch between orbit and free based on selection when using 3D mouse / Spacemouse

Hi There! I am transitioning from Maya, and wanted to bring up a behavior that Maya does well and that could improve the experience in Blender when using 3D mice.

AFAICT, currently, 3D mouse users have to choose between two “modes.” One enables you to fly around the scene (“Free”) while the other rotates using the center of the view as the orbit-point.

In Maya the software switches between orbiting around the object when one is selected, and otherwise roams free when nothing is selected.

Secondly, it would be great to be able to lock the horizon in the viewport. Even though I have disabled my left/right roll axis, I’ve noticed that moving the viewport with the 3D mouse introduces roll regardless after a while.

Finally, I’ve noticed that in Maya, I can move in more than one axis at once; this allows me to “run around” an object, selected or not, as if I were playing a game. In Blender, I can do the same thing but it is in steps----like making a rotation then a pan, over and over again. Not sure if that is a settings issue for me or just how Blender takes input from the spacemouse.


Hi, I would like the possibility to have more “normal” CAD behavior. In my mind, this means that camera becomes fixed. 3d spacemouse movement causes selected object to move around accordingly.

In preferences, Navigation, there’s an “orbit around selected” checkbox. Does that help you?