Asset Bundle - Base Meshes

I think you can take final Realistic Skull asset from the bundle to check how exactly it was unwrapped.
I guess the skeleton UV is supposed to be similar.


Use as many UDIMs as you like. Go nuts :smiley:
I think the seams can be placed pretty freely. On the skull I placed them primarily at the creases between major separations (same as the face sets). But the rest of the skeleton doesn’t have them defined that much, which is fine.

The skull already has UV maps. If not then those can be transferred from the original asset.
The only difference between the skull and skeleton asset is that the skeleton has a slightly downscaled skull.
I am going over all the head asset scales atm and adjusting them to fit each other more realistically.

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Okay, at the next step I decided to reconcile both parts of a Sculpting Base.
I has got a couple of ideas how to reach that - to borrow Realistic sculpting head topology and refine LP body.
At this time I made an important decision to not to reinvent a wheel and it actually worked out well.

The result was a better hand topology, which very usefully required an extra loop between the thumb and palm.

Then I spread the resulted topology across the other shapes and it fit nicely.
I especially enjoyed transferring palms and foots, it is so easy to transfer box-shaped fingers.

As a result I has got a shapekeyable solution that passed testing quite smoothly.

I placed all the test models below zero in case if they could be interesting.
Here is the resulting file (Bundle Skeleton+Blockouts+Head+LP_v10.blend)

I think we are getting dangerously close to our ultimate goal.


Hey Julien,

I uploaded a male counterpart to the female to the repo in case it’s useful. Topo and UVs should be consistent (need to double check vert order as well to be safe) As always, feel free to tweak and modify as needed.

I’m planning to further refine the models in the repo, it’s just finding the time that can be tricky. :slight_smile: