Asset browser suggestions

Hello, I’ve been toying with the Asset Browser and I thought about making some small suggestions to improve its usability:

1) A list of all Tags contained in the current category
It would be helpful instead of having to remember the tags when searching in the search bar.
Maybe a sub-region of the UI region that could list only the tags of all assets contained in that specific category. Might have a small icon in the header to be toggled on (should be toggled off by default).

2) Fold all categories with one mouse run
Contrary to every other place in Blender, the categories can’t be folded by one continuous mouse run. We have to close them on by one. Would be nice if we could.

3) Option for categories to be already folded on Asset Browser opening
Following the previous remark, it would be nice to have an option to check in the preferences to indicate that when we go in the Asset Browser editor, the categories are already folded. It would be convenient because I’m starting to have a few categories with many sub-categories and all these sub-categories being open is kind of a pain to have an overview when starting to work with them, and having to scroll to find those who are at the very bottom.

4) Option to say which folder to open instead of "All"
On opening a library, it automatically shows “All” assets. I don’t have many materials yet (around a 100), but it already makes Blender lag a little bit, before showing all the icons. I imagine that if I start having a big library (hypothetically say 5000 for example), the lag will grow very noticeable and it would be a paper cut to go through this lag every time I switch the library.
So the idea is to allo w via the preferences a string of text to indicate on which category the first previews must be.


This is the biggest one for me. With over 300 catalogs for shaders always needing to close/fold them all when you switch workspace is a bit odd. Everyone has different workflows… I really like all your suggestions for 4). about having an option to not show all automatically to cut out the lag. with about 9000 shaders I have 20 seconds lag when it has to load “all” thumbnails which is fine because I tend to use the catalogs instead. Really enjoying the asset browser.

One of my usability suggestions is about custom themes. Would be more user friendly to be able to change the main background colour on the asset browser without changing the filebrowsers background colour. It would be nice to not have those two things linked and have custom theme colours for the asset browser by itself. here are some ugly colours to showcase the problem.

I’m not sure if its possible but it might also be nice to be able to lower the contrast of every thumbnail as part of pref -custom themes settings. The thumbnails would be less acurate but give you less eyestrain over longer periods. Hopefully this falls under usability and feedback I do not know if the asset browser having independent theme settings has been discussed before.