Asset browser papercuts

Hi all,
Lately I’m using the asset browser a lot so I found a few papercuts that would be amazing if addressed.

1- preview the entire name of an asset by passing over it with the mouse, like in the picture, at the moment the only way to see the entire name is to open the N panel, but if the name is too long sometimes is not enough.

2- be able to load an asset data block without drag&drop, especially for non-geo assets, such as materials, and geometry nodes it can speed up a lot the process.

3- copy & paste tags between assets


Thank you


I fully agree, I also have hard time viewing names of assets. Its really needed, or there should be option to have 2 line of asset name area because it rarely fits the full name

and there should be a way to multiple selection and addition of tags at the same time, or a way to link tags like linking materials in viewport

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