Asset Browser: is it planned to support animation clips in the asset browser anytime soon?

Probably this question goes to @julianeisel but anyone who is entilted can answer this of course :slight_smile:

From a production perspective having reusable clips as a start point for animation is very important, right now we have pose library and unless something changes for 3.3 or 3.4 pose library does not support animation clips, is this planned for the foreseable future?


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Generally this is something we want to support of course (there’s even code to avoid future compatibility issues with single frame poses once we add animation snippets support). It’s up to the animation module to manage, I’d guess it’s just a matter of time & priorities, as usual, and they would welcome contributions on this. @sybren may know more.

There shouldn’t be much needed on the asset system side. Animated previews would be important though (UI & asset system topic).


Thanks Julien.

Animated previews could be a cool thing to have, but IMO it should not be a showstopper for such an important feature, the description and metadata should be enough, it would be like a pose but with several frames.

The pose library is an addon (or is in python) or is it already something native in Blender?

Maybe @sybren can shed some light about the planning for this, in case there is a planning including it right now :slight_smile:

A thing I’ve noticed is that we can mark an action as an asset, it appears in the asset browser but I can do nothing with it, at the very least I should be able to append the action to the scene even if it’s not applied to anything until I apply it manually.

Am I missing something or is it impossible to do anything with an action you can see in the asset browser? (I’m talking about the asset browser, not the pose library)

Hi Juan,

while I, too, wait for this feature to become available in the asset browser, I just found out that you can just append the actions from a blend file, then they become available in your new scene and work right away. That means you have to store your animation as a named action in the action editor, then you can just append them. Takes a few seconds longer, but maybe that still helps you as it helped me. So I hope this becomes available in the asset browser soon, that is such a killer feature that we need it yesterday :slight_smile:

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It’s not a showstopper.

It’s both. Essentially, the core functionality is native, the UI and some high-level operators are an add-on. That way other add-ons can add their own tools and UI for more specific workflows, but still based on the same core functionality. Think of studios integrating the pose library into their software managed pipeline.

I thought we disabled marking regular actions as assets in the UI, but it seems I’m misremembering. But indeed, you can mark actions as assets, but they can’t be used really.


Mmm knowing this, if we can do something with them from Python, then please by all means, don’t disable this, we can construct our own UI over this.

In any case, it would be great to have a simple “Append” option in the context menu for this kind of assets, so they are included in the scene albeit they are not applied to any object.

@Keypressing-Monkey yes, I know that, but that’s not good enough I’m afraid, we have to give access to an action library to a group of animators, and manually appending, while it’s ok for a small team, it’s not ok for a team with more than 5 animators and some of them not even knowing blender very well (maya animators) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea anyway.

OmeletoTheEgg (twitter) made an add-on that adds animation snippet support for the pose library. He presented his add-on to the Animation & Rigging module (meeting notes), and is working on getting his work integrated into the actual pose library (instead of a completely separate add-on).