Asset Browser - How to update assets?


when I create a new mesh and turn it into an asset, and then modify it further, how do I update the existing asset with the new mesh modifications?

Also, once I find a way to update the asset, how would I go about updating all the other objects in the scene which were created by placing this asset?


To modify an existing asset, open the .blend file containing that asset and just modify it and re-save the file.

The second part is more complicated because linking assets isn’t supported right now. When you drag/drop an asset, the redo panel has an option for Linking but it’s not hooked up or enabled.

I am confused… What blend file. If I create a new, unsaved .blend file and mark a mesh as an asset, where does that go?

It’ll be stored in the current file(if you save it). But you can have libraries of assets(basically blend files), you just need to point to them:

Then you’ll see asset libraries listed here:

I am confused. Let’s say I make a new mesh in my file and mark it as an asset. It will be stored as an asset in the same file. Let’s say I then want to update/modify this asset, how do I do it?

I think taht OP is asking if will be possible to link assets to blend file instead of append like right now.

Because an asset library that doesn’t link lost 50% of the interest.

You just update it… like in edit mode or whatever. Just update it. “Marking” as an asset is just that, the datablock is marked as an asset and any viewer (currently only the asset “browser”) will just iterate over datablocks and show you the ones that were marked as an asset.

  • Start with a cube “Test” and mark it as an asset
  • Observe that dragging that cube from the asset browser into the scene is just a cube
  • Modify the original “Test” cube in edit mode
  • Observe that dragging the cube from the asset browser into the scene now uses the modified cube
  • Delete the original “Test” cube; that asset is now gone

If you want to update the “preview” image that is shown in the asset browser, open the N panel and click its refresh button for a particular asset. If you want to refresh the asset browser that is showing an external asset library, there’s a refresh button next to the selector library selector as well.

Oh, I see :frowning:
Oh man, that’s such a Blender way of doing it :frowning: So it’s not even instances, but just a copy… Kinda defeats the point of treating it as an asset which can be edited centrally :confused:

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That goes back to my first message. Linking just hasn’t been implemented yet. So right now this is all a fancy way to do appends.

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