Artist Members for Rendering Module

You can report a bug to the tracker:

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Done! thanks!

I would not mind joining for showcasing new VR stuff once it’s solidified / merged.

I have been able to do quite a bit using XR_Action + upbge

the depsgraph seems to fight me in the viewport though last I tried

XR actions and UPBGE are not part of the Rendering module, and VR only to the extent that it is about rendering. So we’re not really looking for this type of demo for this module.

I found a limitation currently to work with GN and Point Clouds, it seems I cannot generate points from vertices from another geometry.

I can distribute points in a geometric object, however if I try to use vertices as points or sources of points that´s not possible right now, I cannot create a point-per-vertex neither convert a vertex cloud into a point cloud, that limits a lot what I can dynamically do with Point Cloud for the time being because I cannot load an alembic and use it as source.

However what I can do is to instance an object in every vertex of the alembic file, but that alone would kill the real benefit of the point rendering capabilities of the Point Cloud, am I right?

Today I’ll test if the point cloud receives materials or not and I’ll post a bug if it does not.

Meeting notes regarding artists module members:

New task to keep track of open tasks (I plan to create a new one for each release):


I think you can convert a Mesh object with Object > Convert > Point Cloud.

Instancing would indeed lose any benefit of point cloud rendering.

Yes, the problem with that approach is that it’s not useful for Alembic I think, since it’s static it won’t work as a modifier turning every frame into a point cloud.

Sorry, I missed a word in my last sentence, if you use instancing then point cloud rendering will not be efficient.

Ah, ok, that was what I had in mind :slight_smile:

Hi @brecht,

I’ve created a scene to showcase the improved Random Walk SSS. Below is a rendering. If you like it, I’ll prepare the scene for download in the Demo Files page.

If you like it, shall I already include it in the Demo Files page, explicitly stating that it is meant to be rendered with 2.93 (Alpha / Beta), or would you like me to wait until around the 2.93 release?



That looks great! For the release notes we’d need a comparison of noise levels between old and new sampling.

Regarding putting this on the demo files page, I’m fine with that. I would imagine the file also renders in earlier Blender versions, since it’s just noise levels that should be different?



I will render the scene in both Blender 2.92 and 2.93, and create a comparison image including render times for the release notes.

I’ll keep you posted.

Added a comparison image to the Release Notes, and the demo scene to the Demo Files download page.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to showcase a new rendering feature. I love working with Cycles and Eevee.


Awesome work!

I need to wait a bit until at least the Point Cloud patch updated to master and get some details fixed :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify: You are looking for existing members of the Artist Module team - or looking for help from the community at large?

I would be willing to throw my hat in the ring with these tasks if this is open to those outside of the existing teams.

We were looking for artists from the community at large. We found 3 artists module members now, who have helped with creating demo .blend files and testing features. We could use more help, especially when it comes to writing docs.

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Regarding the 2.93 release, the most important missing things are as follows.

  • Eevee Depth of Field needs an image/file, which I know @JoniMercado is working on. I believe the firefly issues are now solved.
  • Eevee AO changes do not have an image, but I believe that was (partially?) reverted by @fclem. Either way, some update to the release notes is needed.
  • Cycles light spread could use an example render.
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I want to tackle the Light Spread example, I will look into it this weekend or next week if I’m unable to do it today or tomorrow.

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I don’t mind turning a rough draft into neat documentation. I believe contributing to the official Blender docs requires SVN and commit rights, or not? Or maybe you mean docs for the Blender Wiki Release Notes?