Area splitting is quite a pain

I can’t be the only one, who has this trouble with splitting the area in Blender 2.8.

Sometimes, I need up to 20 attempts of dragging the corner of the area before a new area is finally created.

It drives me crazy!



Don’t click in the black boarder. Click in the top, rounded corner of the editor. So in your example above, you would click inside the 3D View above and to the right of the shading drop down - staying in the dark gray of the viewport background.

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I didnt know you can still do that through the corner since there is no visual indication anymore. Actually this was my first trouble I had with 2.8. But I found out that you can access area splitting with right mouse click while pointing anywhere on the border. Or you right click in the properties window. Another way is to open the “View” menu in the 3D View (top left).

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