Area light features

hi guys. i am new here in devtalk but i’m an old user of blender. i work with interiors mostly and using also other render engines like vray and corona. sometimes i stuck on some limitation in cycles and i would ask you for some missing features to make. there are many of them but now i want to ask about area lights. i would be happy to have the feature like directionality (spread angle) for area lights. will attach some screens of corona renderer to understand how it works. and also the feature like include/exclude objects (or collection) from receiving light or shadows from the area light. this feature is used very often in rendering interiors for making some specific objects or shadows more visible. this feature is present in vray and corona. so the question is: is it possible to make it real for cycles? i am open to make tests or comparison to help you doing it faster if you need. thanks.

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Light linking (in- and excluding objects) is planned already I think. It will probably come at some point. Directional Area Lights would be amazing to have natively, in the meantime you can use this Nodegroup that I put together. It’s only working with emissive planes and in Eevee though.

  • Just noticed the file isn’t attached anymore. I can upload a recent version of it tomorrow.

thanks for quick reply. i’m really glad to hear that.

yeah. would be great. thanks

i think i found a better and closer to corona result solution :slight_smile:

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the old node setup with directionality value 1 the light disapears. that’s wrong. here it works like intended

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