Are Grease Pencil Feature Requests on Right-Click Select used?

Is Right-Click Select used by the Blender Foundation? Two years ago, I saw in this post, Where can I submit a request for a function for a blender?, that Right-Click Select is the place for Blender Feature Requests. So I submitted some detailed Feature Requests for Grease Pencil, the most popular being Grease Pencil Material: Texture Spacing, Angle, & Scatter in Dots/Boxes Mode. It has been the 4th most popular Grease Pencil Feature Request for over a year, but nothing has happened with it. Same goes with the 2nd & 3rd Top Feature Requests. The 1st Top Feature Request, Grease pencil - Boolean in Draw mode, has had the status of “In Development” for over 2 years.

Here are my questions:

  • Is Right-Click Select really used by the Blender Foundation? @antonioya @filedescriptor @MatiasMendiola
  • If so, how are these ideas chosen for implementation?
  • Why have no Grease Pencil ideas been implemented from Right-Click Select for over two years?

For what it’s worth, here are my Grease Pencil feature requests:

  1. Grease Pencil Material: Texture Spacing, Angle, & Scatter in Dots/Boxes Mode
  2. Grease Pencil Material: Stroke Texture Mask
  3. Grease Pencil Material: Dynamic Color
  4. Grease Pencil Modifier: Noise Scale & Dimension Controls

I’d very much like to learn how to get Feature Requests through to the Blender Foundation. Thank you!

Right-Click Select is a great place to curate Blender ideas and feature requests, and a large number of them have been implemented over the years. But good ideas can also languish there too.

Realistically, there is no shortage of ideas and most users and all developers are quite aware of most Blender shortcomings. What is lacking are not ideas, but developers. I can assure you that every current developer, whether full-time, part-time, paid or volunteer, is working as quickly as possible to make Blender the best it can be.


Just to clear things up a little: I’m not sure if there is any BF dev working on Grease Pencil. Some devs received temporal grants from BF for a specific purpose like Falk David or Yimung Wu but AFAIK for now it’s only Yimung Wu who might be still on grant but even if he is, it’s specific for a LineArt.

Majority of development of Grease Pencil are by volunteers.


@Harleya is absolutely right. It’s not like we are ignoring feature requests/enhancements, it’s just that there are only a few developers working on grease pencil at the moment. And so things take a long time or might be too ambitious to tackle.

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I see. Thank you all for the replies. I wasn’t insinuating that anyone wasn’t working hard. I just didn’t know the role (if any) that Right-Click Select plays in Blender development and if that was the right place for Grease Pencil feature requests.

Thank you all for the work you do!

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