Apply Subdivision Surface Modifier on mesh with Shape Keys

Would be great to add possibility to apply Subdivision Surface Modifier on mesh with Shape Keys.

I use Blender to modify FBX from DAZ before importing them into Unity. But basic DAZ Genesis figure is quite low poly with Subdivision 0 and as far as I know it is not possible to export FBX from Blender with Shape Keys and applied Subdivision Modifier. There seems to be some workaround, but unfortunately looking very tedious and I need to modify hundreds of FBX each having 200-500 Shape Keys.

I am currently facing this exact same problem.
I cannot export the “BlendShapes” to unity, nor can I apply the subdivision surface.
Will post a solution if I ever find one… Meanwhile will keep an eye on this thread for other possible solutions.

Apparently the script in this stackexchange response still works. I just tried it with Blender 3.2.1.
It creates backups of the original meshes, so you won’t lose your original work.

EDIT: Apparently there is a small bug with the script that can be easily worked around:
Before you run the script, ensure you create and select a new Shape Key with the name “Key 1” after the Basis Shape Key. After that, you can run the script and delete the newly key on the generated mesh.

This plugin is the best solution that it can apply all types of modifiers with lots of shapekeys, tested with Blender 3.3.0 LTS and high poly character mesh with more than one million polygons and 300+ shapekeys, very reliable to apply subdivision, multiresolution and much more if there are lots of shapekeys to keep.