API request: Scrollable box


i’d like to do an api request:

blender UI offer thoses kind of boxes but visibly there’s no way to use it except with using an UI list, which in some case can be really exhausting to play with (creating a collection-group property that need to be refresh every X and Y events… ect.) all thoses steps are not really necessary (?)

here is the idea :

    ... ui code ...
    box_scroll= layout.box(handle=True)

    box_scroll.label(text="this is in a scrollable box")
    for i in range(3) :
        box_scroll.scale_y = 15 #fixed y size in the ui  
    box_scroll.label(text="my custom text inside a scrollable box")

all the content of box_scroll would be in a special type of box we can find already on UI lists or IMG previews,


the user could interact with the handle and if the whole content cannot be displayed within the area, the box become scrollable

Let me know if this is a good/bad idea