Any plan on backface culling? (not a feature request)

I’m working on several add-ons, one of them being Backface Hiding.
It’s a bit hacky and has lots of room for improvements but some people still find it useful. I can certainly improve it a lot if I find enough time. However, since I have many other add-ons to work on too, knowing whether there is a plan to implement such a feature in Blender or not would help me set my priorities and organize my work.

For example, I see there’s a retopo overlay task. Although, as I understand it, it’s not going to provide the ability to hide backfacing geometry on a single mesh (without another one overlapping it). Am I correct?

Does anyone know if there’s a real backface hiding feature in the todo list? @Hypersomniac do you know if that’s planned?


I would only like to be sure I’m not spending time on this one for nothing, so a simple yes or no would suffice for me.
Does anyone know (*•_•) ?

Sorry for the delay. It’s not in my list of priorities for the moment. So no clear plan for it.

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