Another action lost to inaction (unused non-fake user / non assets actions deleted)

1.)Create an action in action editor, (Action doesn’t get automatically marked as fake user or asset)

2.)Create another action,

3.)Save your project.

4.)Load the project you just saved, first action or any other unsaved actions get deleted and so goes your work down the drain.

This is a problem that is known for … 5 or more years now? how many years?
how is that not the highest priority issue to handle?
This is not working, As intended , not every action we make is meant to be stashed in an NLA editor.

Requesting to solve this issue ASAP with whatever workaround possible,

Suggestion 1 : Mark all action created as “Fake users”, its better to not lose data, time and work over having a bloated file.

Suggestion 2 : find a way to report that there are unsaved actions that will be deleted when you load a different file or quit blender.

link above to a thread in which many complained about, years ago, that the fake-user system is terrible and must be revised.

*Folks, you need to remember, when modeling, we have so much on our mind to care for, we do not remember at times to tick all the buttons.