Animation of object visibility

Is there still a lot of development to do, to get the animation of object visibility back to work?

What about animation of collection visibility? Are there plans to use this feature, or will we use the render layer system for this?

Is there a workaround at the moment? Scaling the object to 0 still calculates all the nodes and drivers.


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It’s not possible currently, but we want to support it:

I don’t think there is a workaround that avoids computing the objects, the problem to solve is exactly to make it so the dependency graph can dynamically skip computing certain objects.

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Thanks for response. Sounds like a big task.

Sooner or later a per node system toggle would be great.
Calculate shaders, calculate particles/simulation, calculate modifiers and so on…
Keyframeable toggle per collection would be practical.

is there already a task about this at

I wish you much success on on solving this task!
I am exited for news.

Cheers Daniel