Aligning objects to bones should be easier

I see no easy way to align objects to bones. Say if I want a sword aligned to a handbone with same orientation what I do now is: align view to bone - create cube(at align view) - align sword to cube - delete cube.

From my experience there is no simple way of aligning object to a bone like in 3ds max.

You can add a copy transforms constraint to sword, apply Visual Transforms and then delete constraint.
But you have to disable Lock of object modes, first (in order to be able to select bone in pose mode, and then, sword in object mode, before adding constraint).

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Thanks Ronan that’s definitely a better way of doing it. Although by disabling lock of object modes I still had to pick armature and choose the bone afterwards.

It’s still not intuitive a better solution could be:
A: Having the align to orientation working between bones and objects too
B: 3Dcursor(from toolbar) - orientation mode(topbar): bones - then align object to 3Dcursor

Yes. It would be good to have more options into shift S menu.
Snapping rotation AND location would be welcomed for 3D cursor to Selected and Selected to 3Dcursor operations.