Alembic Importer how to use custom attributes

We’re trying to import a mesh into 2.8 from houdini. The importer seems to recognize the “Cd” attribute and assigns it as vertex color. But we cannot seem to find a way to access any other attributes we export with the alembic. Is there a way or does the importer not currently support this? Surely if the importer can recognise Cd it can easily recognize another point attribute? Its just another color(3vec) we are trying to pull in.

I’ve tried using the attribute node in the shader tree, the only attribute it will recognize is Cd.


yes plz. cycles developers make alembic read more than 1 attribute at the time.

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Yes agree, other alembic attribute like mesh visibility should also be carried when importing alembic, in my case from Maya to Blender.
I also looked at this thread here where the person has the exact same issue with me.

also in this thread I believed Dr Sybren already go through some test with the file, but it was a year ago

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