Alembic export doesn't work

Trying to export 3 objects (plane, simple mesh, and armature) as alembic. It starts, but never increases from 0% complete.

After 10 seconds or so signifies that it’s gone back to the 3d view (the cube appears back at the bottom), but the screen continues to show the file menu where I chose the name of the alembic. Clicking on the screen appears to be selecting objects, as the selection updates in the outliner.

Are there specific gpu driver requirements?

Windows 10 pro 64bit, gtx 1070, 32 gb ram, i7 7700k

That is weird, can you reproduce the issue with a simple scene and share it here so other can test this please? :slight_smile:


Hi, It turns out it was just a combination of the scene being quite big and the progress bar at the top of the screen not working.

When I tried with a much smaller scene I noticed that there is a really small green progress bar at the bottom of the screen with no text or anything, it’s only around 1 pixel high…might be worth checking why it’s updating there instead of the progress bar.



True, that should be AT LEAST more visible, if it´s unable to update the progress bar.