Adding a file path browser to "viewport render animation" for easier faster renders

I use this feature to get faster renders since “export openGL” is no longer here and also use the transparent option for subsequent compositing.

The problem is that this option is not controlable, the render starts and overide all images, somewhere in c/temp, that were previously rendered.

Could it be possible to simply add a file path browser so that we can name the images before render starts and also browse to a defined place instead of C/Temp ?

I try to find a solution for faster render since openGL is gone and 2.8 is no realtime rendering as it was sold.
Thanks for your feedback.

A few misconceptions.

  • Blender always uses the output file path set in Properties > Output > Output
  • OpenGL has not been removed from Blender 2.8 - it’s still entirely based on OpenGL
  • There are several ways to render playblasts: Either using View -> Viewport Render Image/Animation, or by setting the renderer to Workbench and rendering normally.
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No misconceptions.

I am talking about the ability to export an openGL sequence, it has been removed.
Of course openGL by itself is still here.
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Setting the renderer to Workbench and rendering normally does not render eeve BUT workbench.

I have just rendered a 40 frames sequence

  • regular output with eeve engine : 4 mn
  • view renderport animation with eeve rendered on : about 45 sec
    There’s a slight but acceptable aliasing difference.
    But there’s no way to set the aliasing as it existed in openGL export.

It has not been removed. Both Eevee and the Workbench use OpenGL.

You can use View > Render Viewport Image/Animation to render the current viewport at any time.

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Eeve preset is render 64, viewport 16
When you set the render to 16, we should expect the same render speed as the viewport render animation but it doesn’t occur.
Even at 16 samplig, render time is 11 times longer then viewport.
For 10 frames :
render 16 sampling : 55 sec
viewport render animation : 5 sec
There’s something i don’t get.

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