Add Scene not working in VSE

Can’t get Add->Scene to work in VSE in Blender 2.8 beta (as at 5th Jan 2019).
Any idea when this will be available and working?

Hi, sorry for late answer.

It should be working. You however can not add scene X in scene X.
You have to create scene Y and do it there.

If this doesn’t help please post bug report here:

Yeah, that’s an annoying 2.80 limitation which makes it impossible in 2.80 to use the Sequencer directly as a 3D camera editor like this:
I hope with Eevee and GP this kind of workflow again can be seen as valuable. And either this will be enabled again or sequences will be separated from scenes, so sequences can be edited independently of the scene(like the text editor contents remain though you change the scene).

Btw. there is a bug in the “Add” menu: When creating a new scene the “Add” menu can’t be opened. I believe @Snu has fixed this in the VSE Reworked project.

You can add empty scene
add scene strip to original scene, and then switch strip to work with original scene.

This shouldn’t be possible though.

I don’t know all reasons behind this decision.
Recursivity with sequencer is obvious one, animation evaluation can be dealt with.

We can reopen this issue later, when sequencer stops being bad(profanity filter activated :).

Haha - only the VSE maintainer is allowed to badmouth the VSE. :wink: I hope in the midst of all the work you’re doing on all the VSE patches and bugs, you get time to your reworking of the cache because everything else is second to improved playback, IMHO.