Add/multiply function disappeard from normal editing menu

Yes, they were useless without a place to enter the vector to multiply by or add by. It was hard to find anyone who found these options useful, so they were removed from the menu. They still exist in the code, so an addon could be written that does those functions.

It’s really important to refine the model’s shading in NPR rendering.

I’d like to have a sense of how widespread this sentiment is, in order to figure out the urgency of providing this feature in the UI. Are there other users that agree with rogemcy?

I have to say that adding to and multiplying normal vectors seems like a strange and unintuitive thing to do. It seems like it may be a roundabout way of achieving the same things that could be done more straightforwardly with either the existing normal pointing operations or perhaps another operation that could be added that is more intuitive and doesn’t require an explicit vector entry box.