Access is denied?

Just did a make update and getting this. How do I solve this?

C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe --non-interactive cleanup C:/blender-git/blender\..\lib\win64_vc15
svn: E155009: Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with 'C:\blender-git\lib\win64_vc15', work item 36380 (file-install python/37/DLLs/_lzma.pyd 1 0 1 1)
svn: E720005: Can't move 'C:\blender-git\lib\win64_vc15\.svn\tmp\svn-E65722D0' to 'C:\blender-git\lib\win64_vc15\python\37\DLLs\_lzma.pyd': Access is denied.
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no idea, it sometimes happens, I have searched for a solution but generally the virus scanner is blamed for keeping the file locked longer than ideal.

running svn cleanup followed by svn update in your lib folder generally fixes the issue.


I’ll try cleanup and update and see what happens.

Had same issue. LazyDodo - thanks! that worked :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem and the svn cleanup and svn update trick only got me so far until I encountered similar errors again. I ended up just going into the library subfolder where the error was occurring and deleting the files and then doing svn clean / svn update before trying make update again. (+1 for thanks to @LazyDodo)

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