About editor properties header [Pool]

I want to ask one thing to the users in this forum…

do you use the header of the editor properties?

  • Yes, Daily
  • Yes, weekly
  • No, Never

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Hmm, why?

I don’t have really clear the use of the header, I know that you can Pin things but with not real use in my workflow, for that reason I’m asking.

Well. the pin is useful for sure, but the “breadcrumbs” is kinda useless…

Header has its own way of working depending on what kind of editor it is:
3D viewport: menus, pivot settings, view settings, etc
Timeline: playback buttons, etc
Image editor: image datablock selection, view settings, etc
Shader editor: material datablock selection, view settings, etc

But the most important role of the header would be to represent the whole editor. It’s like the title bar of the program window.

Thanks to the header, we can easily switch between editors and treat them equally due to their consistency.

I don’t know what it has to do with what I’m asking here, but okay.