A way to delete overlapping grease pencil lines

Right now, when drawing with grease pencil, if you make lines that overlap one another, and want to fix that, you have to go into edit mode and move verts around or delete extra ones, it’s not a huge task, but i reckon it could be automated.

I will show an example from Clip Studio Paint, which also uses 2D vectors

I think it might be a tad complicated, given that greasepencil works in 3D space. But maybe it could work by looking through whatever the selected view is, and see which lines overlap, create a point in those places, and delete all verticies going off from it. Would be really useful for animating! :grinning:

the cutter tool does almost what you show here. is the one with the scissor icon, in draw mode.

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Oh i did not know about that! It is actually very close to what i’m saying. Could still use refinement though. And the ability to select with a circle/brush rather than a pseudo lasso tool would be nice.

Nevertheless it’s alright for what it’s worth