A way of setting individual vertices weights/colors

I’ve some 18 years of experience with 3dsmax and recently started using blender 2.80 (had a minimal Blender 2.79 experience). I’m loving it.

Anyway, I’m missing ways of setting weights or colors by individual vertices. There’s already means of selecting vertices, but it’s quite hard to sample them or to increase/decrease the values for the selected ones.

That’s a bit hard doing with the paint tool, specially in “concealed” vertices.

for weights, you can use this interface

or if they’re already in the group (even if they have 0 weight)

Also in weight paint mode you can use the top left button to enable vertex masking which will enable the vertex selection tools in weight paint mode, then use the menu option or shift+k to set the weight of selected vertices to what you have set currently, or use any of the other tools in that menu on the selected verts. (I’m not entirely sure how selection works in weight paint with left-click-select set though)

For vertex painting, you pretty much just have option 3 from weight painting

note both modes will remember the selected vertices from edit mode if you prefer to do the vertex selecting there.