A small suggestion to improve the 3d gizmo's usability

as the image shows ,reszing the gizmos scales them uniformly which is not a desirable result…u may ask, why do you want to resize in the first place?

my answer, is the rotation gizmo in particular is too small to work comfortably with, also having problems to grab the axes…it’s frustrating and infuriating.
the default size is not helpful at all…but when u increase the size of the gizmo, it becomes much more usable but causes other manipulators to scale too big.

what should we look for is the result in the bottom right corner, so they don’t scale their endings but rather just expand the axes…a faster workflow is to give the possibility to bind the resizing to hotkeys so we can change it on the fly and not force the users to go to the preferences editor…thank you.

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