A problem with OpenEXR not retaining Color Profiles?

Whenever I save as OpenEXR and use Color Profiles beyond Blender’s default Filmic, it seems to always go awry, even though I have “save as render” already on.

Here’s an example, with

Display Device: Filmlight Display
View Transform: sRGB Rec1886
Look: AgX Punchy

Blender 3.2.2

left is Blender’s render, middle is PNG in DaVinci, and right is OpenEXR in DaVinci:

(I was told to add an image for the color profile information, even though it’s redundant since it’s clearly in text form above, but I can’t because I’m only allowed one embedded image)

The EXR format will always store the internal reference buffer as float or half float. Even with the check box selected, EXRs will not bake any colour transforms, desired or not.

Reply above from 2016 by Troy S

Current documentation for Blender 3.2 : Save as Render


Save as Render : Option in the image save operator to apply the view transform, exposure, gamma, RGB curves. This is useful for saving linear OpenEXR to e.g. PNG or JPEG files in display space.

However, When trying to save an openEXR with “Save as render” toggled on and off [Under Blender 3.1.2], i get the same color values when testing in GIMP without any transformation done, some clarification is needed.

Edit: If the option : “Save as render” for openEXR isn’t meant to save with any transformation, it should be removed, Currently, The “Save as Render” button under openEXR is misleading.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the “save as render” option is available only when manually saving a file, not when a file is automatically saved when rendering an animation?

So here’s the thing. When I rendered it, I looked into Save As and “Save as Render” was already checked. I saved manually, then brought it into DaVinci, and it still had heavy contrasts due to the color profile not carrying over. Even when I deliberately turn Save as Render off and look again, it’s checked again.

You are correct but it matters not,

There is a button that isn’t doing what its suppose to do , and the possibility to remove the saving option : “Save as Render” under openEXR should be considered.

If you’re messing with that, surely you know that OpenEXR doesn’t carry “color profiles”. I don’t understand the issue, could you explain a bit more? Is it that the raw linear data doesn’t look nice?

“raw linear data” as you called it isn’t suppose to look nice or not nice, as its meant for processing and not final product,

I believe his issue is with the misleading saving option which is “Save as render”, as you can tell from my post above, for any non openEXR format; it applies view transform, exposure, gamma, RGB curves.

so why is the option there when saving under openEXR as well? that would imply the same result as you would get if you export your render as PNG with this option enabled, It is confusing, you would expect the same visual result as a .PNG even if its in linear space, yet it does nothing.


That’s literally what we expect in Davinci.

You gotta use the OCIO nodes to apply Filmic Log and then a look (LUT) yourself. That’s exactly how Davinci works and there’s no bug there.

EXR is a production format not intended for display, it stores linearized data and you work with it.

What happens in Blender is that EXR export has a confusing UI, but it works as intended (if it didn’t dozens would be complaining).

You gotta use the OCIO nodes to apply Filmic Log and then a look (LUT) yourself.

From the OP’s post; he is using TCAMv2 with AGX punchy, I wonder if that can be added to DeVinci as well (But probably not the right place to post it)

At this point in time, I’m not interested in color grading, but I still want to use EXR to have a good middle-ground between JPG and PNG, in terms of quality weighed against file size. What would be the simplest way to achieve that?

If you want a final output instead of work output, then maybe targa raw or tiff is a better option. And if you don’t need to store high bit depth for later: then don’t do it. Just write 8bits wysiwyg formats.

Personally I avoid PNG and Jpeg all the time, the first being super slow to trite and read, and the second is too noticably lossy for my usage. But I digress…

It’s perfectly possible indeed.

@VGamingJunkie If you don’t wanna get into the complicated world of color pipelines stick to PNG.