A new Procedural modelling technique?


First of all i am not a programer and not quite sure if this is the place for my question…but here it goes.

In 2.81 we have very powerful features like Intel Denoise and… REMESH !!

My Question is…

Could a new procedural modelling modifier be created using this voxels tech using procedural textures as input to give life to new shapes with the option to convert the voxels data to polygonal data etc…?

It could be an amazing new modelling method…

Hope you got the idea. If not tell me and will try to explain it 9n more depth

Any thoughts?

It’s actually something which is worked on at the moment.


There will be new function nodes, modifier nodes, particle nodes, texture nodes etc.
I’m pretty sure vdb (remesh and stuff) will play a big role in one of this new systems.

But it will take some time, I hope the first tools will be available next year, but we will see :slight_smile:

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