A new branch to automatize tasks from existing features and orientate developpement of new other features

if you want to do an IK on e.g an arm many steps are required. when 1 clic is necessary whith rigify for a whole amature. maybe selecting extremity and then shift last element of the chain >and a button auto IK and if you don’t want the pole you just delete it…
same thing when putting some trackers or making a camera mapping. and many other repeating processes.
I know some add-ons are existing for this.
but let’s take the example of Blam.
If you want to do the same result, it’s hour and hour of attempts to get the same result. you discover that maybe setting things, with lens, focus… and others basics settings isn’t the faster way to do things excepts for some very specialized people. and at least deserve a script if don’t need to set each thing.
you can see too, that with a change of version, it can be lost, because not everybody understands how the add-on was working.
but what if it was a full part of the development. it would make appear what settings are very important and how to orientate the development with more efficiency around them and through the maw of automation. I mean IK process is described heavy by everyone and has 10 years old at least. so maybe things are not seen in the right order? to promote the development of blender you use a team of animation to demonstrate a finished result. but it’s not taking into consideration how many repetitions where done between to reach this goal.

users considerations could still be taken in consideration but this new intermediate. less work for the devs on subjects disturbing them from their real task. in fact the recent development of sculpt branch is very close from what I’m explaining there. :ok_hand: