A Feature Quest Proposal


I would like to propose some kind of feature quest (same principle as the last Code Quest, but 2,3 times a year.).

I do read and watch Blender Today, Blender Dev Talk, Dev Blog from time to time… So i’m quite informed on the developpement of Blender in general.

Something I have notice is there’s an infinite amount of features request from the community/users base. It is almost a running joke on Blender Today sometimes. Features such as destructive extrude, better UV tools, better snapping tools, parallax occlusion mapping, caustic, spectral rendering, etc… And the list goes on and on forever, even if there is a huge amount of work done by the amazing and talented devs (even many of then are not paid, as Grease Pencil team).

As people are really exited/motivated by new features, I think this tsunami of request could be seen as an opportunity by the Blender Fundation.

So here is my proposal for a Feature Quest and how it could work :

  • A voting system could be create where only peoples that are part of the Developpement Fund and Blender Cloud can vote for their favorite features within a pre-established list by the devs. So if you are Bronze level, you get one vote, of you have a Gold level, you get 3 votes and so on.

  • Then, same principle as the last Code Quest : A Feature Quest is launch with an estimate goal (money). Community contribute finantially to make it happen. Then a job offer is launch on the Jobs page to find a developer.

  • It could also solve/help one of the problem I see with the Developpement Fund right now; is that there is not really incentive for individual to give more than 5 euros (6$) to the fund. Therefore, 60% of individuals choose the Bronze membership on the dev fund**. The only incentive right now is your degree of Blender Love, small badge on Blender’s website and name & logo on the fund page. That is a bit short. At the same time, I understand as Blender is free, that you can’t really sell or give more to users who contribute more, as for instance, the game Star Citizen. But still, Patreon and Kickstater give clear incentive to individuals to spend more (membership level on Patron / Pledge on Kickstarter).

  • Advantage would be : Community would love to become involve in ‘‘choosing’’ some of the upcomming features, it could encourage people to give more to the fund to get more vote (see above), it could put an end to pending feature request that are frustrating to the community, it could unload some work from the dev, it could be another source of revenue for Blender, etc.

Let me know what you think,


**Source : Blender by the Numbers – 2019

Personally i trust the foundation to make the right calls here, when given the option to bolt some shiny new thing on top of EEVEE or working on the blender core foundation code i’m pretty sure where the community vote is going to go. It is very hard to resist “shiny” and go if we fix the foundations first, we’ll be better off in the future. They are open in their road-maps, and when things are going in a direction i disapprove of i’m free to pull my contribution. I don’t mind the current system at all.

There’s also that the dev fund was/is pretty upfront that a voting system is “not in the planning

A voting or polling mechanism is not in the planning - although it’s open for discussion and review, especially when roadmaps don’t get wide endorsements.

Judging by the comments in the latest roadmap everyone seems rather on board with the direction it is going.

So it seems unlikely they’ll consider anything like this at this moment in time.


Thank you LazyDodo for the links and comment :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was any discussion about a voting system.

If I can clarify my thoughts,

Actually my point wasn’t to vote on the roadmap or any official planning (as 2020 Big Projects)

But to vote for features that devs doesn’t have time to implement for the mid/long term. Then a feature quest would make sense to gather money to implement those feature requested by the community.

A voting system could then be implemented to make everyone involve into the process and encourage people to join the Dev Fund since voting could be limited to those Dev Fund Members (although this is just an idea). I thought this could encourage ppl to join or spend more.

In any case I don’t know if that would be doable dev wise : Hire someone who know Blender for a short term contract to implement a feature.

Personally, I love the idea of financing a specific suite of features! For example, I’m desperately looking to make macOS’ Metal support by Blender a thing and with this kind of system it would be possible to gather people behind the idea, certainly more so than with a forum thread hidden somewhere in the attic…

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