A changed pose doesn't get saved with the file

I just lost a few hours of work because of this, since I forgot to insert the keyframes for what I changed.

I was sculpting corrective shapekeys, and those (naturally) did get saved, but are now worthless because they don’t correspond to the last pose I was working on.

Again, Blender, without warning, without notification, completely screws over new users. :frowning:

EDIT: Ok, so two additional things…

  • I realize that it would have sufficed that I’d moved the timeline and the pose would have been lost forever. I find that to be quote bad as well.
  • Apart from the “no warnings” issue that I’ve also have more examples of in the paper-cuts thread, I wonder if this is another more deeply rooted issue with Blender, like for example things like “lock view to camera”, “X mirror”, “auto key” and basically everything except that can be quite destructive if you don’t think about it, are all hidden in submenus under a small and innocent checkbox… (sure, auto key is on the main toolbar, but doesn’t color the entire thing red like for example Max does).