5 September 2022

5 September 2022

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


Modules & Projects

New Features and Changes

User Interface

  • UI: 3D Text Caret (commit) (Harley Acheson)
  • BLF: Replacement of Hebrew Font (commit) (Harley Acheson)


  • Port to new Draw Manager (commit) (Clément Foucault)
  • Register render passes for compositor. (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Add uniform attributes (object attributes) support (commit) (Clément Foucault)


  • OBJ
    • Improve placement of shader nodes in imported materials (commit) (Aras Pranckevicius)
  • Tweak cryptomatte channels naming to improve interoperability (commit) (Sergey Sharybin)


  • New generic type mix node for geometry and shader nodes (commit) (Charlie Jolly)
  • Node Editor
    • Visual tweaks to node links (commit) (Leon Schittek)


  • Enable adaptive sampling for Sobol-Burley (commit) (Nathan Vegdahl)
  • Remove old Sobol pattern, simplify sampling dimensions (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)
  • Improve Progressive Multi-Jittered sampling (commit) (Nathan Vegdahl)
  • Disable Scrambling Distance UI when using Sobol Burley (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)


  • Performance improvements
    • Optimize out evaluation of hidden objects (commit) (Sergey Sharybin)
    • Remove unnecessary copy in modifier stack (commit) (Hans Goudey)

Library Overrides

  • Replace linked objects by their overrides when created from 3DView. (commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Add shift-click hint to library overrides button tooltip (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Performance improvements
    • Minor resync optimization by removing unuecessary processing. (commit) (Bastien Montagne)


  • Move material indices to a generic attribute (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Performance improvements
    • Avoid unnecessarily initializing new attributes (commit, commit) (Hans Goudey)
    • Sculpt: Avoid creating mask and face set when remeshing (commit) (Hans Goudey)

Grease Pencil

  • Improve thickness handling for outline operator (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)
  • Apply brush size to outline thickness while drawing (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)
  • Add thickness parameter to outline operator (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)

Python API

  • GPUShader: implementation of ‘attrs_info_get’ method (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)
  • Only use 3D shaders and rename string enums (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)
  • Documentation
    • Document delayed setting of UI data (commit) (Julian Eisel)
    • Update the shader creation examples with gpu module (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)

Weekly Reports

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