3D cursor orientation and Shift+S snapping

While we have 3D cursor orientation and a possibility align to it new objects, it would be super useful to have an option “orientation” for Shift+S snapping.
It also would be very handy to have an option in preferences for default orientation for Shift+RMB modal cursor just as ‘Active toolish’ one already has.
Both suggestions covered by mockup:


Someone made a patch for your first suggestion, D4897. But we’re past the UI and feature freeze for 2.80 so it could be that it needs to wait until 2.81.

I agree about angle setting preference, I don’t like having to go into the active tool to get geometry snapping.

We’re now a little beyond 2.81… Any chance this patch is still in the running? The 3D Cursor’s orientation was added, but then very little was done with it, and it’s a shame.