3 possible bugs - lock camera to view, center selected and missing shading options

Issue 1

Right now, view (the camera border) keeps zooming, whereas I’d like to zoom into the scene (dolly). No matter if “lock view to camera” is enabled or disabled. Yesterday, I had the opposite problem - scene zoomed but the view (border) stayed the same.
Look here

Issue 2

I like to use the Center selected in view (or Zoom to selected) feature (numpad ,). No matter what I select, it zooms to a seemingly arbitrary, unrelated place. It’s not the world center nor 3D cursor.
See here

Issue 3
LookDev shading option disappeared from the pie menu…

Issues 1 and 3 resolved upon restarting Blender, so it’s probably a bug. Issue 2 persists, may be due to user error.