3 April 2023

3 April 2023
Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


Modules & Projects

New Features and Changes


  • Support “Select More/Less” for faces and vertices in weight, vertex, and texture paint modes (commit, commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)
  • UV Editing
    • Add option to pack UVs in original bounding box (commit) (Chris Blackbourn)
    • Add rotating packer variant for improved packing efficiency (commit) (Chris Blackbourn)


  • Graph Editor - grey out area outside of normalization range (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)
  • Insert Keyframe only on active FCurve (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)
  • Auto frame curves Y extents when hitting normalize (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)


  • Optimize texture usage flags (commit) (Jason Fielder)
  • Metal Backend
    • Optimize texture usage in glutil (commit) (Jason Fielder)
    • Optimize SSR shader for Apple Silicon (commit) (Jason Fielder)


  • PLY: Optimize UV values merging in PLY and OBJ exporters (commit, commit) (Aras Pranckevicius)
  • Speed up OBJ, ascii PLY and STL import by 5-10% with fast_float.h external library update (commit) (Aras Pranckevicius)


  • Add fractional-scale interface support (commit) (Campbell Barton)
  • Support window activation (commit) (Campbell Barton)

Geometry Nodes

  • Copy cached no loose edge status in realize instances (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Tag no loose edges after curve to mesh node (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Skip recomputing geometry bounds after translation (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • Slightly improve curve to mesh performance (commit) (Hans Goudey)

User Interface

  • Update Noto Emoji font with Unicode 15.0 (commit) (Harley Acheson)
  • Expose hardcoded “Rotate Normals” transform option in keymap (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)

Weekly Reports