2gpu with i5 cpu?

so i have a omen 15 with and i5-10300h and it has thunderbolt 3.
so my question is, if i add and egpu with a desktop 3060 will the cpu bottleneck my render times?

it works perfect like it is i just want to lower the final render times.

Hi, the question is: Does it render faster if I enable CPU+GPU ot is it faster to use GPU only.
Cycles use one thread of the CPU 100% during render, 7 threads left for render.
Imagine your GPU is 8 times faster than your CPU, the CPU will add 12,5% render power. It is really needed to test with different tile size if you get better performance with GPU+CPU.
The i5 will not slowdown in any way, it may help to get even shorter render times.
By the way, this is not a support forum, for such questions it is better to use the Blender forum or Blender Artists.

Cheers, mib