22 February 2021

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


  • Habib Gahbiche (zazizizou) was granted commit access to help the unittest framework project. Welcome!
  • Module teams for core Blender Development blog post
    • New Core module.
    • New Rendering module with EEVEE and Cycles.
    • Better defined responsibilities for the module owners and members.
  • Render Modules blog post.
    • There is now a single Rendering module.
    • Brecht focuses on Cycles again instead of overall Blender architecture.
    • Cycles module is looking for artists to join.
  • Building with Python 3.10 is now supported, the official 2.93 release will remain on Python 3.9.

Python API


VFX & Video

  • Work was concentrated on making proxy building performance patch (D10394) to be ready for artists testing.
  • There are some new patches from the community which needs to be reviewed.


Geometry Nodes

  • Sprint #9 wrap up:
    • Error messages.
    • Cycles attributes rendering.
    • Convert geometry nodes to regular mesh at the end of the modifier.
    • String input node (community patch).
    • Simple subdivision node (community patch).
  • Sprint #10 extended sprint with the “attribute” workflow theme:
    • That will make it 3 weeks in total, one extra from original planning.
    • Attribute search to be finished with a polished UI.
    • Spreadsheet editor (minimum to be master-ready).
  • EEVEE attributes rendering is still pending.
    • Clément doesn’t have time to help but will give some guidance.
    • Target is Blender 2.93.
  • New sample files in the download page.

New Features and Changes

Weekly Reports