2024-07-09 Blender Admins Meeting


  • Bastien Montagne
  • Campbell Barton
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Francesco Siddi
  • Philipp Oeser
  • Sergey Sharybin
  • Thomas Dinges


  • Policy for the enumerator values
    • The technical feedback thread: Style for enumerator values
    • Generally fine to follow TitleCase for enum class, as it what most of the active developers prefer
    • Avoid big cleanup, if possible
    • The admins share a concern of abbreviations in the names (ID, UV, BSDF, IOR, etc). A guide for those needs to come together with the new enumerator value guide.
  • A topic of using literal and and or in C/C++ code was brought up.
    • The consensus is: don’t use them.
    • The style guide needs to be updated for that
  • The meeting discussed renaming BCON levels to matched release cycle names
    • The goal is to make things more clear for people who are more occasional to the community, or new to it.
    • The downside is that it looses the strict moment in the release schedule where big changes are not allowed, but smaller are fine.
      • It was always fuzzy tough, and was checked on case-by-case basis
      • It is possible to have clear rule like “projects should land within N weeks of alpha” (just an example)
      • Need to check with Ton and gather feedback from other active members of the community
      • Once everybody is on-board, Thomas will help with communication and updates
  • World texture nodes
    • They are in some weird limbo, where you can select World texture in the Texture Nodes editors, but can not add them
    • Agreement is to remove for 4.3
  • 3.3 LTS is technically overlapping with the 4.2 LTS for August and September. We accept this overlap, but might not be as pro-active in backports (only port really crucial fixes). In the future such overlaps should not happen, as all the releases will be made with the same release schedule.

You could just do this, that way the distiction between Bcon 1 and 2 still exists:

  • Alpha phase 1 (Bcon 1)
  • Alpha phase 2 (Bcon 2)
  • Beta (Bcon 3)
  • Release Candidate (Bcon 4)
  • Then I’m not sure what Bcon 5 should be called. Release candidate again?

Other alternatives for names are “Pre-Alpha” and “Alpha”. Or “Early Alpha” and “Alpha”, etc.