2024-04-04 Animation & Rigging module meeting

The meeting will be on 2024-04-04T16:00:00Z. It is open for everybody interested to join the video call (link below).

Present: Bassam Kurdali, Christoph Lendenfeld, David W, Eduardo Rubio, Demeter Dzadik, Falk David, Nacho de Andrés, Nate Rupsis, Nathan Vegdahl, Sybren Stüvel

People present are referred to by first name for brevity. Others are referred to by full name.


Since the Last Meeting / Announcements

  • Blender 4.1.1 corrective release is coming.
    • Unless a showstopper pops up, it’s now planned for 16 April.
    • Commit fixes to main, and add to #119631: 4.1: Candidates for corrective releases for cherry-picking by the release team (Philipp & Thomas).
    • If fixing in main and cherry-picking will be hard, then discuss with the release team and commit directly to the release brnach. Always mention it in the tracking issue.
    • Do not merge the release branch to main.


Names are from the Git log. This list is limited to functional improvements & bugfixes.


Ongoing Work

Patches: Review & Decision Time

Description of Animation Bindings

Discussion of Animation Bindings in the RNA API of #118677: Baklava: minimal data model:

Identifier for a set of channels in this Animation, that can be used by a data-block to specify what it gets animated by.

  • Makes sense to Christoph & Nathan.
  • Falk: Sounds fine to me. But so far only developers seem to be fine with it :grin:
  • Falk: This is supposed to be technical documentation right? In which case I think it’s good enough. For the user manual, it might need a bit more polishing
  • Bassam: the “can” in the sentence is confusing → “…that is used by a data-block…”
  • Nacho: double passive, “it gets animated by” → “what animates it”

About the name “Bindings”:

  • Nacho: how about “Collections” instead of “Bindings”?
  • Nathan: “folders” vs “labels” in an email client. Collections are more like “folders”, whereas Bindings are more like “labels”.
  • Sybren: we could call them “labels”?
  • Nacho: “bindings” is fine for what you describe, as they bind objects to their animation.
  • Sybren: let’s document things well first, with some nice graphs. Module agrees.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday 2024-04-11T16:00:00Z. Again it will be open for everybody who’s interested. The provisionary meeting agenda will be updated before the meeting.