2023-12-14 Pipeline, Assets & I/O Meeting

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Everyone is welcome on the Google Meet linked below every other Thursday, at 17:00 CET.

Present:Bastien Montagne, Brecht Van Lommel, Charles Wardlaw, Jesse Yurkovich, Matt McLin, Micheal Kowalski

The meeting covers the pipeline & I/O module in a broader sense, including some topics hosted in other modules (e.g. some I/O python add-ons, or overrides and .blend file I/O from the Core module).



Ongoing development for Blender 4.1 targets

As a reminder, BCon2 has been rescheduled to 3rd January, in three weeks.

Improved Integration of USD in Blender

Jesse created a synthetic task to keep track and organized future design work on the topic, based on the outlines presented by Brecht, as agreed on the previous meeting.

Collection Export

This is about the basic support of export settings per collection, available for any external format (not the more advanced topics discussed in the previous meetings, specific to USD).

Brecht and Bastien had a meeting on Monday with Jesse, which lead to a first good outline of technical and user-level design. Jesse has also been busy looking at existing codebase, to update the design task.


Jesse is working with Guillermo Venegas on the drag and drop feature. The new file handler (for import operators only, currently) and support for multiple file paths have been merged in Main already. The next pull request, to enable using file handlers in drag and drop, is already being worked on.

Brecht notes that more improvements are possible for the file handler:

  • There could finally be a single I/O operator, which takes care of calling the right operator for each format, using the registered file handlers.
    • This could also help unifying some I/O settings/behaviors (Orientation? Multiple files support?).
  • The ‘Collection Export’ project will also need the support of export operators in the file handlers.

Jesse and Brecht will check with Guillermo if he’s interested in working further on this topic.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday 4th January, 17:00 CET/Amsterdam time (your local time: 2024-01-04T16:00:00Z).

The provisional meeting agenda will be linked in the #pipeline-assets-io-module channel before the meeting.