2023-10-05 Grease Pencil Module Meeting

Date/Time: 2023-10-05T14:00:00Z
Link: https://meet.google.com/xxo-tyin-rem
Attendees :

  • Antonio Vazquez (Developer)
  • Amélie Fondevilla (LFS, Developer)
  • Casey Bianco Davis (developer)
  • Daniel Martínez Lara (Grease Pencil core team)
  • Falk David (Blender developer)
  • Matias Mendiola (Grease Pencil core team)
  • Samuel Bernou (Python developer, ADV Studio)
  • Thomas Dinges (Blender)


  • Grease Pencil 3 development updates

Meeting Notes

  • There was a short meeting with Nathan, Sybren (Animation team), and Falk about Grease Pencil and how it could fit into the new animation system design. Meeting notes can be found here: 2023-09-29 Layered Animation model & Grease Pencil v3
  • There is an ongoing discussion about redesigning the brush icons here: Brush Thumbnails Design Feedback Feedback from 2D animators using grease pencil would be welcome.
  • Grease Pencil 3 development updates:
  • Antonio: What’s the plan for conversion of GPv2 to GPv3?
    • Falk: At some point, we should enable automatic conversion of files in main so that people can start testing their files and report bugs.

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