2023-08-22 Nodes & Physics Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Dalai Felinto
  • Hans Goudey
  • Jacques Luke
  • Lukas Toenne
  • Pablo Vazquez

Since the Last Meeting

  • Work on existing projects continued, including baking, node tools, and panels support for the node UI.
  • The state of node group operators is significantly improved in the main branch. Though there are still some limitations, more object types are now supported, inputs are displayed in the redo panel, and shortcuts and quick favorites are supported. There is also a selection of tool-pecific nodes for accessing data like selections or face sets.
  • The first part of the node panels implementation with the RNA API boilerplate has been committed.

Meeting Topics

  • #111352: Mesh Auto Smooth Essentials Asset
    • This asset is necessary for the change of auto smooth to a modifier.
    • The essentials library will grow eventually, but for now this would be the only non-hair related item.
    • What the preview should be is the least clear part of the design. It would be good to have an image in the style of the existing previews, but that could be a significant time investment for cases when it isn’t necessary. A screenshot of the node group could work too, though it would be better if they were automatically generated. There was agreement to investigating a nicer preview but using a screenshot for the time being.
    • The catalog path should be “Mesh > Write”
  • #110813: Geometry Nodes: Add warning for tools and text in node editor header
    • There are too many steps required to set up a node group operator at the moment.
    • Warnings should be last resource and less intrusive.
    • There need to be a follow up design (Dalai).
  • #109432: Regression: Selection Fails to Highlight in Edit Mode + crash
    • The history of this bug and other similar bugs is relatively complex, but fixing rest position in edit mode in 3.6 caused a bunch of high priority reports that aren’t easy to fix. A refactor that isn’t easily backportable has fixed them in 4.0 though.
    • For 3.6 it is safer (and time efficient) to revert the original fix.
  • #108014: Mesh: Replace auto smooth with node group
    • It makes sense to integrate assets with the add modifier menu more in 4.0 as part of this change, since we will rely on this integration much more.
    • Depending on what the ideal add modifier menu would be like, this is related to some search UI improvements by Jacques-- automatic search when typing in a menu, and showing recent items at the top of search menus.