2023-06-13 Nodes & Physics Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Dalai Felinto
  • Hans Goudey
  • Iliya Katueshenock
  • Jacques Lucke
  • Luis Cherubini
  • Mangal K

Since the Last Meeting

Meeting Topics

  • Overview of simulation nodes feedback from feedback thread
    • Substeps have been mentioned a lot and might be a good target for 4.0
    • There is a performance issue in the timeline that should be fixed
  • #93551: Mesh Normals and Auto Smooth in 4.0
    • Luis shares some aspects of his use of custom normals in his daily work
      • Because of LODs, it’s important to have watertight, manifold meshes.
        • Different meshes end up having different auto smooth angles, which is a pain when joining many meshes.
        • Joining will work better with auto smooth as an action, because the sharp edge attributes encode the sharpness (rather than just the angle).
      • Transferring normals (as a replacement for the data transfer modifier)
        • Setting normals via Geometry Nodes that work in Solid mode requires proper creation of custom normals rather than just generic attributes.
  • Active attribute status across instancing and joining
  • Active Camera Node
    • Contributor said they may have time in two weeks.
    • This is still a target for 4.0, but there is plenty of time to wait still.
  • Node group operators menu design
    • Current design (using catalogs for menu name and hierarchy) may not scale (though that may be up to the asset creators)
    • Pending design
      • How to set a node-group as operator?
        • A boolean tag on the node tree might work, to say something like “Use this node group as a curve edit mode operator”
      • How/if to set which modes to be supported
        • For now, only edit mode could be supported, just to be conservative, and to avoid overloading object mode menus
        • Eventually object mode should be supported though, to allow replacing operators like “Shade Smooth”