2023-04-17 Grease Pencil Module Meeting

Practical info

Date/Time: 2023-04-17T14:00:00Z
Link: https://meet.google.com/xxo-tyin-rem

  • Amélie Fondevilla (Les Fées Spéciales, developer)
  • Andry Rasoahaingo (Dedouze - 2D/3D illustrator, animator)
  • Antonio Vazquez (Grease Pencil owner developer)
  • Daniel Martínez Lara (Grease Pencil core team)
  • Falk David (grease pencil developer)
  • Matias Mendiola (Story Artist - Grease Pencil core team)
  • Nick Alberelli (Community Member, Tiny Media)
  • Nick Fox-Gieg (PhD student - York University, Toronto)
  • Samuel Bernou (developer, ADV Studios)
  • Shen Ciao (developer)
  • Thomas Dinges (Development Coordinator, Blender)
  • Yiming Wu (developer, Line Art stuff)


Meeting Notes

  • Grease Pencil 3.0 development updates:
    • Falk: Worked on making sure that all the fields in the current data-block get converted to the new one. This is almost completed as can be seen by this task: #106822 - GP 3.0: More conversions of the legacy grease pencil data. - blender - Blender Projects. Will be working on getting the PR(s) ready to merge GP 3.0 into main. Expects this to be happening sometime this week.
    • Antonio: We had a meeting with Dalai, Brecht, Francesco, Daniel, Matias and Falk about the plan for 4.0. The idea is to switch to GP 3.0 and do a conversion for all GP objects. We might not finish porting all of the operators or other functionality in time, so we need to make sure to communicate clearly about potentially missing functionality in 4.0. Of course the goal is to have everything working as it is right now.
    • Antonio: Another point is the Python API. We expect addons to break with 4.0, but there should be alternatives in place to update all the scripts.
    • Nick A.: Will there be functionality missing in the API?
      • Falk: We hope that all the functionality can be ported in some way. It should be possible to get the same outcome as it did prior to 4.0.
    • Nick F.: When will we have an “alpha” version of GP 3 with geometry nodes.
      • Falk: There is no exact timeline, but one of the first things that will have to be done in main is porting the modifiers. A necessary step will be to add a GeometryComponent for grease pencil which is also the first step towards GN support. Effectively, we will begin the work on the geometry nodes modifier as soon as we move to main.
  • Discussion on PR#106663:
    • Falk: Thinks that it would be good to have this in the 3.6 LTS version. Will try to review the code and test it this week.
    • Antonio: Agrees. Some studios might use the LTS for 2 years, we should have these improvements in there.

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