2023-02-21 Geometry Nodes sub-module meeting

Meeting time: 15:00-16 CET (Your local time: 2023-02-21T14:00:00Z)



  • Jacques Lucke
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Hans Goudey
  • Simon Thommes
  • Iliya Katueshenock
  • Brady Johnston
  • Falk David
  • Joshua Kanode

Since the Last Meeting

  • New Edges to Face Groups node
  • Viewport drag and drop for geometry nodes
  • Smooth normals in Distribute Points on Faces node
  • New option to hide node group inputs in modifier
  • Add operator to wrap modifier’s node group
  • Remove “normal” attribute
  • Curves Sculpt mode
    • New cage overlay
    • Comb curve parameter falloff
    • Initial collision support
  • Curves Edit Mode
    • Out of experimental
    • Various selection and transform tools
    • Delete operator
  • Performance improvements
  • Hair node groups
  • Quick Fur

General Discussion

  • Lukas Tönne joins the project from Amsterdam starting March 1st, 2023.
  • Module page for Geometry Nodes vs Nodes & Physics.
    • The difference between the two modules isn’t helping in practice anymore, since the developers are the same.
    • The future plans for physics mostly involve geometry nodes anyway
    • What to do with the chat channel?
      • Moving to the nodes and physics module channel seems like the right thing to do
    • No objections! The meeting is now the “Nodes and Physics Module Meeting” rather than “Geometry nodes sub-module”
  • Geometry to Instances
    • Use-case from Molecular Nodes
    • This was talked about in the past, it seems to keep coming up. We discussed whether to use a geometry list in the past, though that doesn’t have clear benefits yet
    • “Split” in the name makes sense
    • The node should have a selection input
    • Domain dropdown
  • Initial planning for Blender 3.6 LTS.
    • Simulation Nodes
      • The branch was just updated from the latest main
    • Node Group Operators
      • This is a foundation for a lot of future design and features, so maybe better to start it sooner
    • Node Group usability tasks
      • Enum socket
      • Custom warnings and errors
      • Panels / Sub-panels
      • Dynamic UI changes
      • Surface choice for inputs in modifiers
    • Attribute Paint/Edit
      • The “set attribute” operator from meshes could support curves too, that’s a simple starting place
      • Proper overlays for edge domain attributes would be helpful
  • Blocking design tasks for potential 3.6 plan:
    • Simulation nodes MVP features
    • Node group operators meta-data
    • Simulation nodes quality of life features
    • Attribute editing use-case/initial design
    • Custom warnings

Patch Review & Decision Time

  • Store Named Attribute can lead to un-active attributes (UV or color).
    • If it is only the first attribute which is created, it should be set as active.

Follow Up

  • 3.6 Sprints
    • During bcon1 and bcon2 there will be 2-week long sprints.
    • The sprint planning will happen on the Mondays prior to the module meeting, and presented during the meeting.
    • First sprint will start next week to leave this week for 3.5 bcon3 bugfixing.
    • This will be a one week sprint then, tasks will be planned next Monday (February 27th).
  • Hair node group documentation
    • Dalai will do the first pass by collecting the node group description and socket tooltips into the manual.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday March 07, 15:00-16 CET (Your local time: 2023-03-07T14:00:00Z), which is 2 weeks from this meeting. The provisional meeting agenda will be linked in the #geometry-nodes channel before the meeting.