2022-2-10 Sculpt/Texture/Paint Module Meeting

Participants: Joe Eager, Daniel Bystedt, Julien Kaspar


  • Tasks for near term goals?
  • Cloth sculpting demo file
  • 3D Texture paint brush
  • Outcome of previous to do’s


  • Blender blog post done and to be published soon

    • Features mentioned there can go further into patch review & testing
  • Cloth sculpting demo file

    • Daniel demonstrated the file with ~6 most important brush presets
    • Eventually these (and more) will be stored in the asset browser
    • Now needs more testing of the demo file for feedback & more brushes to include
  • Asset Browser

    • What kind of “Asset” a brush should be
      • No need for library overrides
      • Similar to Matcaps or Studio Lighting instead
    • Most important presets need to be included by default
  • Brush assets

    • Create a roadmap for brush asset integration
    • How should we access them?
      • Brushes in the sidebar?
      • Popup for brush selection?
      • Shortcuts on brushes
      • Brush cycling
      • Number shortcuts for brushes
    • More design discussion needed for efficient brush selection & shortcuts
      • Write down user stories and base the design around them
      • A proper design needs to be high priority to work on an implementation soon!
  • 3D Texture paint brush

    • Essentially reusing the sculpt mode code and PBVH drawing
    • Possibly storing strokes as 3D curves to change settings after a stroke
    • Still potential performance issues with too large brush size
  • Displacement baking

    • Either raytracing or distance based baking would be possible
    • Important to implement soon for the Project Heist anyway
    • Ignoring backface hits could be important
    • Also automatic minimal inflation to avoid self intersection during baking → T74553
  • Going over important goals for creating realistic characters

    • Daniels shared a document of topics
    • Proper sculpt layers implementation is becoming a pressing issue
    • Sculpting corrective shapkeys on alembic caches is a highly requested feature
    • UDIM baking will be important
    • Cloth brush gravity fix
    • Roll brush setting

Next Meeting

17th February 2022


Won’t Pablo Dobarro be helping in Blender Sculpt Mode anymore?


He left blender not that long ago.


Sculpt Vertex Color + Multires would be a dream. Also Sculpt layers!



what would brush cycling be?

just a question about this, is it going to be possible to bake non normalized displacement?

Really looking forward to getting some shotsculpting functionality. A lot of the existing sculpting tools would be great for shotsculpting. Fingers crossed.

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@NahuelBelich Brush cycling is when a shortcut is assigned to a brush type itself. That way when for example having multiple Grab brushes, pressing G multiple times will cycle through all Grab brushes. This is similar to pressing W to cycle through selection tools.

@dan2 I think it makes sense to have the option to bake non normalized height maps. Although I find it useful if the scale of the height map is indicated when baking. Anything to make it easier to directly use height maps.


The future brushes will still using the concept of different kind of brushes with subpresets instead of a single type of brush?

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The main reason why the current design has the distinction of “Brushes are presets of a Tool” is that it makes it easy to restore for example the Draw brush to it’s original settings, or even recreate the brush if it was deleted.
The idea is to get rid of this design and replace it with a global brush palette without sorting brushes within tools. But then the issue needs to be solved of what happens if you delete a builtin brush like Draw. If it’s stored as an Asset through all Blender files, how do you get it back?
Lots of important design issues to solve before making any changes.


Maybe there could be a way to “protect” the builtin brushes so users can’t delete them by accident… Could that be possible with the asset browser?

I don’t know much about Brush systems, but why would you give the user the option to delete “built in” stuff in the first place ? just make them protected like the current built in matcaps/studio lighting presets.

have a basic fallback brush that blender restores to if any of the others are missing from the saved file and include a status warning for the missing brush.

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I never understood that problem. What is the problem that a brush can simply change the type of tool it is at any time? And all those values are default.

Add a field in the brush options that is a menu that allows you to choose the type of brush and you’re done. At UI and UX level, internally I don’t know the implications.

The user could delete all the ones he has, stay with zero tools, create one and configure it as he wants. And go configuring all of them and recover them without problems.

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i see, im not fond at all to that system since i used 3dsmax ten years ago, i didn’t like it when i test it industry compatible for nine months or the shift+f3 cycling for changing the editors to different node editors.
My main issue with it, and this could be only me if that is its fine i can always use the UI, is that when there are lets say four options its required to memorize the items the order of the items and at the moment of changing it need to be a slow switch or could easily press the key one more time than required and then need to cycle all the option again to reach the one needed, this is not the case with two options that it would simply be a toogle or the for example GG that its a compound shortcut that always enable the same thing when press.
Again this could be only me but if it was my choice (and this is an exaple not a feature request) i would put the editor switch(Shift+f3 shift+f12 etc anything that has more than two options less than eigth) into pie menus, same with the W to switch selections and for the brushes i would go for a “quick favorites” kind pie menu, eight slots that could be assign any presset of the current tool being used, stable place of the tool selectec by the user, something that (also as an example) wouldn do with the shift+f3 because editors are fixed by the developers users usually don’t add more editor but brushes could have docens of pressets, imagine cycle trough docens of presets memorized and skip the one that want to use because of pressing the key one extra time and need to cycle all over again.
Not exited by this but since i wont use it i won’t go against it either some other users may for some reason like the cycle system, i can allways pick the preset in the interface


I agree. Pressing the same key to cycle through brushes of a particular type would introduce uncertainty to the user and thus slow down the workflow. A pie menu would be better and would not require memorization of what brush is where in a linear cycle of brushes within a brush type.


If i may, there was a suggestion a bit longer ago where someone proposed a brush palette thing, one was krita’s brush palette proposal
Some like Krita pie menu for sculpting mode ⁠— Right-Click Select (blender.community),
i think someone also mentioned an addon where the palette UI thing is very useful:
Sculpt+Paint Wheel [Blender Addon] (gumroad.com)

Having something like this would make sculpting “normal” to work with instead of painful, but for that to work normally we need brush/asset management


A “hide default brush” option could fix this. Then a “restore default brushes” to get them back. Or a toggle to hide and unhide brushes, with the default only being able to be hidden and not deleted.

I believe that the combination of a brush pop-up displaying a simple rectangular grid view of all the available brushes + permanently displayed icons for a set of user specified brushes is still the most ergonomic solution.

@JulienKaspar I wanted to ask if the Module Meeting has allready discussed the ergonomics of the viewport navigation? In the Developers Portal I have read (I hope that i am not mistaken) that the blender developers are assuming the use of input-pens that have at least one button - but this is increasingly rarely the case (capacitive displays, apple sidecar, surface devices, etc.). It would therefore be great if blender provided the option to rotate the view by clicking + draging in empty spaces of the viewport and to pan or zoom by aditionally pressing the respective modifier-keys.This would increase the accessibillity of blender: more people could use blender with the devices they have. And also this would enable a multitude of ways of working with blender.

Thank You.

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Also there was a huge discussion about this topic a while ago but Ton shut it down.



Could functions like this be added to Blender’s scuplt mode in an appropriate way to avoid misoperation by users

:gear: D7624 When user in Hi-res sculpt mode force not enter to Edit mode to waste time waiting build editmesh (blender.org)