2022-08-04 Animation & Rigging module meeting

The meeting will be open for everybody interested to join on Google Meet (link below).

Present: Amélie Fondevilla, Bassam Kurdali, Beorn Leonard, Christian, Jeremy Bot, Kevin Burke, Nate Rupsis, OmeletoTheEgg, Sybren Stüvel, Thibault de Villèle
People present are referred to by first name for brevity. Others are referred to by full name.


Since the Last Meeting / Announcements


Short-term goals

  • T96787: Edit mode normalize fails to respect non deforming groups or locked groups
  • T100051: Design: Animation Editors UI Redesign
    • Kevin got push-back from the UI team, in a way that blocked further progress. Wasn’t an inviting back-and-forth that allows moving forward, but rather a big “no” after a long time of silence. The feedback wasn’t really actionable.
    • Beorn: this proposal seems to address long-standing UX friction he’s experienced for years as animator.
    • Nate: in light of the upcoming workshop, which will probably result in some considerable UI/UX changes, this is something that will keep coming up.
    • Sybren wrote a comment on the task, to invite the UI team to collaborate more & provide more actionable feedback.
    • In the week before the Blender Conference, there will be two workshops at Blender HQ: Animation & Rigging, and User Interface. This could be a great opportunity to collaborate and define a proper Animation UI overhaul for Blender 4.0. This was actually suggested by Ton.

Patch Review & Decision Time

  • T100115: Shape Key mode of Dopesheet should show evaluation time
    • Found by Sebastian Parborg, filed by Sybren. Needs some decision on priority, since it looks like this has been a bit weird since Blender 2.5
    • Bassam: Geometry Nodes could replace shape keys. It wouldn’t do interpolation in all situations, but it does allow moving vertices around. It worked amazingly, there was no “weirdness”.
    • Considering the other open tasks, this one is considered low priority. Sybren marked it as “known issue”.

Help Needed

Next Meeting

NOTE: The would-be-next meeting will be skipped due to the summer holidays.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 1 September, 18:00-19 CEST (Your local time: 2022-09-01T16:00:00Z). Again it will be open for everybody who’s interested. The provisionary meeting agenda will be linked in the #animation-module channel before the meeting.